13 07, 2016

Location, Location, Location!: Tecumseh (Week 1)

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Our first spotlight of Windsor/ Essex County focuses on the great town of Tecumseh! Tecumseh is a charming, quiet town located on Lake St. Clair, with a population of 24,000. The area has lots to do for Kids and Parents alike.

Fun things to do in Tecumseh:

  • Skating at the Tecumseh Arena
  • Swimming at The Tecumseh Pool
  • Playground parks including Lacasse Park, Abraham Cole Park, Arrowhead Park, Baillargeon Park and more!
  • Community Zumba, Yoga, Karate and Fitness

There are many things to do in Tecumseh for Girls Nights, Guys Nights and date nights too! There’s Johnny Shots, Slinky’s Ice Cream, Mamo Burger, the Sushi Bar (one of our favourites! J ), Kabobgy, and more! Tecumseh also offer some great golf courses: Beach Grove, Hydeaway Golf Club, and On the Green indoor golf and beach volleyball.

If you’re planning an outing with your fur-baby, we’ve got some places for that as well J The Tecumseh Dog park was opened in 2010 and offers an area dedicated to small dogs, 2.5 acres of running space, and benches to sit while you watch your doggy play. There’s an installed fountain for a quick water break too! We’re sure your furry friends will love it!

Family outings are always fun in Tecumseh! If it’s a quick trip to Second Cup to grab iced Hot Chocolates, Pottery and Pallettes to create some pottery masterpieces, or High Jinks Indoor Playcare & Imaginarium so the kids can run until they can’t run no more (so we can all go to sleep early tonight! Thank you, High Jinks), there’s always something exciting to do. For dinner on those Sunday nights when you don’t feel like doing dishes (again!!) you can go to Gilligan’s where kids eat for $2 on Sundays.

And some cool statistics to end our brief write-up about Tecumseh:

  • The Median age in Tecumseh Is 44 Years old
  • There are 8,832 private dwellings in Tecumseh
  • 3,220 of the homes have children living in them

And so that’s Tecumseh! If you have any cool facts, interesting areas, or things to do in Tecumseh that we don’t know about, comment below!

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