28 07, 2016

Location, Location, Location!: Amherstburg (Week 3)

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We love Amherstburg: a quaint, riverfront town with old world charm! Amherstburg is the home to Fort Malden, many great restaurants, and an amazing waterfront view!

Amherstburg is known by many as a historical town, where Fort Malden, established in 1796, stands. Amherstburg came to be when Loyalists were given land by the Crown in Ontario after the British lost the American Revolutionary War. But let’s see what Amherstburg has to offer its current residents!

Amherstburg offers many activities and restaurants that are family-friendly! Take a drive into the main part of town, and you’ll come across Maria’s restaurant, (great place for breakfast), Royal Sushi House (The volcano rolls are amaaazing!!) the Artisan Grill, Rosa’s Restaurant and Pizzeria and more! And if you want to explore Amherstburg on a girls’ night or guys’ night, there’s always Beacon Ale House and Lord Amherst Pub (try the Won-Ton nachos, they’re to die for J ).

After eating at one of Amherstburg’s many great restaurants, maybe you could take a stroll down the waterfront with the family! And then you’ll be sure to find (the kid’s will be screaming “ice cream!!!” at this point) Waterfront Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt, located just across from the riverfront. This is a great family-friendly ice cream parlour that’s sure to delight everyone in the family 🙂



If you’re into sports and recreation, there’s the Libro Center that offers many activities!

–         Drop-in Basketball

–         Drop-in Pickleball

–         Energey Busters: pre-school activity class

–         Karate

–         Skating

–         Swimming

–         Walking Track

Amherstburg also offers many parks and gardens

–         Kings Navy Park

–         Austin “Toddy” Jones Park

–         Centennial Park

–         North Gateway Garden and more!

Want some ideas for kids who want to get outside this summer? (There’s always Pokemon-Go, but let’s be creative here!) Be sure to drop by the Leisure Pool and Aquatics area and Splash pad during the summer for some fun for the kids! There’s also the River Canard Canoe Company operating just on the outskirts of Amherstburg that offers canoe and kayak rentals for the River Canard. Take a couple of canoes out for the day, and you can stop somewhere for a family picnic! The Holiday Beach Conservation Area is also a big hit in the summer months! There’s so much to do: hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, boating, bird watching and more!

Well, that’s Amherstburg in a nut-shell! Keep an eye out for next week’s addition to the “Location, Location, Location!” blog series! And be sure to comment on any of our blog posts about your favourite things to do in your neighbourhood for your chance to win a $50 gift card to any local restaurant of your choice!

21 07, 2016

Location, Location, Location!: Lasalle (Week 2)

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Ah, good ol’ Lasalle! Full of trails, parks, the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex, and great restaurants. Let’s take a look at what this town has to offer!

Lasalle differs from city-life in many ways! Lasalle offers many more trails, parks and outdoor spaces than other places in Windsor/ Essex County! Ojibway Prairie Complex & Nature Reserve is just a short drive away, on Matchette rd. Walk through the self-guiding nature trails where you can discover and learn about the park’s 160 acres of pin oak forest, savanna, ponds and tallgrass prairie. You might even luck out and see a deer or coyote! Or maybe take a day to enjoy one of Lasalle’s great parks, including Ojibway Oaks Park, Optimist Park, River Canard Park and more! Take a look at the map of the trails in Lasalle for yourself: https://icreate-essex.esolutionsgroup.ca/231110_LaSalle/en/things-to-do/resources/LA_TRAILS_2013.pdf


Check out the Lasalle Outdoor Pool! The pool area includes a water umbrella, a large shallow end, deep end, diving board and slide. Free swim days are: Friday, August 5, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. sponsored by Tim Hortons. Wednesday, August 24 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. sponsored by Essex Power Corporation. Definitely a Lasalle summer favourite and great past-time for kids who need a place to let loose!



The Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex is open from 7:30am- 8:00pm from Monday to Friday and 8:30am- 4:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The Vollmer Complex offers:

  • 28 soccer Fields
  • 6 Softball fields
  • 2 hardball fields
  • Skateboard Park and more!

Looking for a great local Restaurant for Friday Night’s Family Night? We’ve got you covered! Try Bull’s Eye Pizza, Joe Schmoe’s Eats N Drinks, Zaytoun for a great falafel plate, Red Sun Restaurant, or Roma’s Pizza! Then head over to Family Video on Matchette for that movie you wanted to watch that Netflix didn’t have 🙂

So that’s a wrap! All in all, Lasalle’s a great family-friendly space… and now we’re hungry for pizza 🙂


13 07, 2016

Location, Location, Location!: Tecumseh (Week 1)

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Our first spotlight of Windsor/ Essex County focuses on the great town of Tecumseh! Tecumseh is a charming, quiet town located on Lake St. Clair, with a population of 24,000. The area has lots to do for Kids and Parents alike.

Fun things to do in Tecumseh:

  • Skating at the Tecumseh Arena
  • Swimming at The Tecumseh Pool
  • Playground parks including Lacasse Park, Abraham Cole Park, Arrowhead Park, Baillargeon Park and more!
  • Community Zumba, Yoga, Karate and Fitness

There are many things to do in Tecumseh for Girls Nights, Guys Nights and date nights too! There’s Johnny Shots, Slinky’s Ice Cream, Mamo Burger, the Sushi Bar (one of our favourites! J ), Kabobgy, and more! Tecumseh also offer some great golf courses: Beach Grove, Hydeaway Golf Club, and On the Green indoor golf and beach volleyball.

If you’re planning an outing with your fur-baby, we’ve got some places for that as well J The Tecumseh Dog park was opened in 2010 and offers an area dedicated to small dogs, 2.5 acres of running space, and benches to sit while you watch your doggy play. There’s an installed fountain for a quick water break too! We’re sure your furry friends will love it!

Family outings are always fun in Tecumseh! If it’s a quick trip to Second Cup to grab iced Hot Chocolates, Pottery and Pallettes to create some pottery masterpieces, or High Jinks Indoor Playcare & Imaginarium so the kids can run until they can’t run no more (so we can all go to sleep early tonight! Thank you, High Jinks), there’s always something exciting to do. For dinner on those Sunday nights when you don’t feel like doing dishes (again!!) you can go to Gilligan’s where kids eat for $2 on Sundays.

And some cool statistics to end our brief write-up about Tecumseh:

  • The Median age in Tecumseh Is 44 Years old
  • There are 8,832 private dwellings in Tecumseh
  • 3,220 of the homes have children living in them

And so that’s Tecumseh! If you have any cool facts, interesting areas, or things to do in Tecumseh that we don’t know about, comment below!

6 07, 2016

Preparing to Sell Your Home with Kids

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Selling a home is a huge undertaking for anyone, especially us with kids! (Can I get an “Amen?”) Here are some valuable tips we have found that help with keeping your house show-ready and guiding your kids through the home-selling process.


Tip 1: “WHY ARE WE MOVING?”/ Explaining Why

Before the kids come home to a “FOR SALE” sign on their front lawn and kick and scream because they “DIDN’T KNOW!!”, explain what’s happening. Tell them before you list that you have decided to move, and tell them the reasons. Explain what will be happening because your home is listed: there will be people coming to see the house and if they like it, they will make offers to buy your home etc. Tell them the pros of moving to a new home: A new bedroom, new friends in the neighbourhood, bigger backyard, new parks.  Moving can be difficult, especially if it’s the only home they’ve lived in, it might take some time!


Tip 2: Let’s De-Clutter

De-cluttering is always a great step in showing off your home. We ask our clients to keep fridge magnets, kid’s art, and tests off of the fridge when showing. Keeping the kids’ bedrooms tidy is important (and we all know how hard that is!) Help your kids sort through what toys they would still like to play with when the house is listed, and other toys can be stored away until after you move. Keep the toys they still want to play with in boxes out of sight, but easily accessible. We know how much kids need blankie and their favourite stuffed animals!

Keep decor to a minimum. Taking down that life-size Justin Bieber poster in your 12 year old daughters room for just a couple weeks might help (if she can handle it!) At Property Mom, we get the kids involved by having them sign a “Cleaning Contract” to keep their rooms clean for the duration of the home-selling process! (This is our gift to you, parents 🙂 ) And once your house is sold, we reward them with a fun present!


Tip 3: Let the Staging Begin!

Home staging can be invaluable to your home selling! Sometimes Buyers aren’t totally into the whole bubble-gum pink, My Little Pony decaled room. Re-painting in neutral colours could be helpful for Buyers to visualize a bedroom fit for any age. Instead of having a shoe rack piled with stinky shoes in your entrance, you could consider moving the shoes to the garage or mudroom during showings. Store some of the contents of over-stuffed closets like backpacks and coats in the garage or mudroom. Keep all small appliances off of the counters in the kitchen, and we always suggest storing frying pans in the oven when showings are taking place! Consider buying or borrowing paintings or mirrors to hang on the walls. This gives the home more welcoming feel. You can find a lot of good tips to stage your home here: http://realtormag.realtor.org/home-and-design/feature/article/2009/03/staging-budget


Tip 4: Involving Your Kids in Packing

Kids might find it sad to see their room being packed up and realize everything is gone. Keep them involved by giving them a job of labeling the boxes (we have attached a kid-friendly labels!). Older kids can help younger ones decide how to pack up their things. Be patient, kids get distracted easily- you might have to pack the same box a couple times because “Mom, I need to play with that toy right now!!” We get it! Also when purging, do it when the kids are elsewhere. You will spare yourself a toddler melt-down when tossing no longer used toys.


Now that we’ve gone through some valuable tips, we hope that you’ll have a great home selling experience! If you need any help or more tips from the Realtors at Property Mom Real Estate, give us a call!

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